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Single house with 2 garages in WI-Sonnenberg | WAGNER IMMOBILIEN

living area Einfamilienhaus Wiesbaden
living area
3.000,- €
living area Einfamilienhaus Wiesbaden
living area
fire place Einfamilienhaus Wiesbaden
fire place
terrace Einfamilienhaus Wiesbaden
2nd terrace Einfamilienhaus Wiesbaden
2nd terrace
dining area Einfamilienhaus Wiesbaden
dining area
dining area Einfamilienhaus Wiesbaden
dining area
kitchen Einfamilienhaus Wiesbaden
kitchen Einfamilienhaus Wiesbaden
bedroom Einfamilienhaus Wiesbaden
separate toilet Einfamilienhaus Wiesbaden
separate toilet
bathroom Einfamilienhaus Wiesbaden
master bedroom Einfamilienhaus Wiesbaden
master bedroom
master bathroom Einfamilienhaus Wiesbaden
master bathroom
master bathroom Einfamilienhaus Wiesbaden
master bathroom
office or guest room Einfamilienhaus Wiesbaden
office or guest room
office kitchen space Einfamilienhaus Wiesbaden
office kitchen space
2nd bathroom Einfamilienhaus Wiesbaden
2nd bathroom
house view Einfamilienhaus Wiesbaden
house view
1st floor Einfamilienhaus Wiesbaden
1st floor
2nd floor Einfamilienhaus Wiesbaden
2nd floor
3rd floor Einfamilienhaus Wiesbaden
3rd floor
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Unsere Leistungen




65191 Wiesbaden - Sonnenberg


Objekt-Nr. WI-DS37B
Wohnfläche (ca.) 186 m²
Zimmer 7
Kaltmiete 3.000,- €
Nutzfläche (ca.)
11 m²
Heizkosten (ca.)
250,- €
Garage, Freiplatz
Anzahl 2
Fliesen, Parkett, Laminat
verfügbar ab

The landlord will accept an American rental contract. We do speak English in our office and can assist you with the entire processing.

This spacious house was modernized a few years back and is in great condition. With a total of 7 rooms it offers plenty of spaces for a family or for people who require office and/or guest spaces. The house comes with regular 4 bedrooms, 1 office space with separate small kitchen and bathroom (separate entrance), open living room with fire place, and exit to 2 terraces, a kitchen (with a separate door), spacious dining area, a total of 3 bathrooms, plus 2 separate toilets. Additionally, there is a laundry room, and a technic room, plus various storage spaces. The house comes with 2 garages and 1 outside parking spot which are included in the price.

- built-in kitchen with appliances
- wooden floors, some tiles, some laminated floors
- master bathroom with tab, shower and natural light
- second bathroom with shower and natural light
- third bathroom with shower
- separate guest toilet
- 4 rooms are ideally used as bedrooms
- living and dining area are open
- lamps in all rooms, bathrooms and hallways
- cabinets in the bathroom and in the storage area
- 2 spacious terraces (with outside furniture)
- 2 garages with electrical doors directly by the house
- 1 parking spot in front of the garage
- DSL Internet connection (router exists: FritzBox)

The house is located in Wiesbaden-Sonnenberg. It is only a few minutes to Wiesbaden city center. Local grocery store is around the corner, as well as a bakery and other stores for the daily needs.
Clay Kaserne and Hainerberg are relatively close and easy to get to. Clay Kaserne is approximately 6 miles from the house, Hainerberg only 3 miles. Amelia-Earhart-Center is 4 miles from the house.

Above mentioned utility charges, plus the costs for gas and electricity.
NOTE: The cold rent and ancillary costs specified in the exposé apply to German rental contracts. The costs in American leases from the Housing Office are broken down differently, but remain the same in total. Example:
German contract: cold rent ? 3,000 plus additional costs ? 350 = total rent ? 3,350 (gas is estimated at 250 per month, separate contract)
American contract: basic rent ? 3,250 incl. additional costs, plus consumption costs ? 100 = total rent ? 3,350

For a quick processing of your inquiry please use the contact form and enter your telephone number.

All information is given without any guarantee and is based exclusively on information provided by the customer (landlord). The company WAGNER IMMOBILIEN assumes no liability for the completeness, correctness and up-to-dateness of this information. This also applies to ground plans. Revised ground plans may contain deviations from the actual floor plan. No liability is assumed for unknown circumstances.


Ansprechpartnerfoto Frau Carmen Hornung

Frau Carmen Hornung
Telefon: +49 611 5657936
Mobil: +49 162 2640513

Energieausweis (Verbrauchsausweis)

Energieausweis-Skala bis 790px
Energieausweis Positions Pfeil bis 790px 163 kWh / (m²*a) Energieverbrauchskennwert
Energieausweis-Skala bis 623px
Energieausweis Positions Pfeil bis 623px 163 kWh / (m²*a) Energieverbrauchskennwert
Energieausweis-Skala bis 768px
Energieausweis Positions Pfeil bis 768px 163 kWh / (m²*a) Energieverbrauchskennwert
Energieausweis-Skala bis 481px
Energieausweis Positions Pfeil bis 481px 163 kWh / (m²*a) Energieverbrauchskennwert
Energieausweis-Skala bis 320px
Energieausweis Positions Pfeil bis 320px 163 kWh / (m²*a) Energieverbrauchskennwert
Weitere Informationen
Wesentlicher EnergieträgerGas
Energieausweis Ausstelldatum2023-04-01
Energieausweis gültig bis02.04.2033
Energieausweis Jahrgangab dem 1.5.2014
Energieausweis WerteklasseF
Energieausweis Baujahr1979
Energieausweis GebäudeartWohngebäude

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